Data Management Platform (DaRIS/Mediaflux) analysis and Build

This milestone will build the Data Management Platform(DMP) which is being constructed with the DaRIS/Mediaflux platform). The project is leveraging previous investment into Mediaflux and existing expertise at VicNode to build the Omics Data Management platform. The platform will will hold the datasets being generated by the BPA ABRI project

The DMP will fulfill the role of a curated national omics data repository – highly reliable, highly structured, highly curated, designed for high value reference datasets.

Activities to build this platfrom include:

  • Analyse and understand how omics data and meta-data are held in the BPA/CCG repository and how to map them to the DMP
  • Implement all meta-data, dictionaries and methods in DMP
  • Develop process to extract data from CCG repository and upload into DMP
  • Populate BPA Pilot (test) data and metadata into the DMP
  • Design and implement  interoperability capabilities between DMP and Genomics Virtual Laboratory
  • Develop a query portal for the DMP
  • Confirm and document data operations processes
  • Operationalize platform using Pilot data
  • Continuously improve and develop the DMP

For information on the characteristics of the DMP check out the Data Management Platform page