We are extremely happy to announce the first Demonstration release v0.1 of the Omics Data Platform. This release represents significant development and integration work over the last 7 months by the project team across VicNode, VLSCI, EMBL-ABR, Intersect and QCIF, in partnership with the BPA Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens project.

This release includes a connected platform made up of the following:

  • 7 Genomics and 2 Transcriptomics related software tools (such as SPAdes, HGAP3, BWA-MEM, Snippy, Prokka), made available through the microbial genomics virtual laboratory (the online analysis environment)
  • all the genomics data currently available in the BPA CCG repository (69GB made up of 262 files) with enhanced metadata, that can be searched in complex ways, downloaded to the desktop or made available to the online analysis environment
  • A range of pre-written analysis workflows, produced according to best practice in collaboration with BPA bioinformaticians
  • Online training modules for the analysis environment

This release is available for demonstrations to help the Omics project team incorporate initial feedback in preparation for the Beta Release in early November. The first beta release will line up with the BPA/RDS Consortium meeting to be held in Melbourne.

The project team will release new versions of the platform every 6 weeks incorporating feedback and adding analysis tools and functionality according to the project plan. A release schedule will be released on the website in the next few weeks to provide more details.

To request a demonstration of the platform, news about upcoming training opportunities, or to simply ask a question, please contact us