Welcome to the first blog post on omics.data.edu.au 🙂

The Omics data platform builds on significant investments and expertise that has grown across NSW, Queensland and Victoria over the last 5 years. Where we are at now nationally compared to 5 years ago is gob smacking. We’ve got an integrated research cloud that spans the country, a network of storage nodes serving up more than 30 PB of research data nationally, all interconnected with dedicated networking infrastructure. Add to that various methods, tools and digital communities, and you’ve got the ingredients for great things to happen.

All these activities and platforms serve as a home for research, a place where compute can happen, apps can be published, data can be collaborated on and communities be built. They are also part of our response in addressing the challenges of open data and reproducible research.

Arguably more important than hardware and software is the ongoing connections and collaborations within the broader team. Daily conversations are now commonplace between the research infrastructure teams, Bioplatforms Australia (BPA) researchers, and other researchers and clinicians engaged in this new digital ecosystem. These is the stuff that will last decades and drive fundamentally new types of informatics driven research.

The project has only been running for a few months, but our ambition is that this platform will evolve into an Australian omics active data repository, a place where omics data from various research projects can be stored, analysed, collaborated on, shared and published. We very much look forward to the outcomes of this project and what it evolves to over the coming years.