The RDS Omics project is an RDS-funded flagship project to provide cloud-based data services and tools for Australian Life Science Researchers to combine, analyse and interpret genomic (DNA), transcriptomic (RNA), proteomic (proteins) and metabolomic (small molecules) data.

The project is building the first Australian platform to allow 4 distinct ‘omics’ data types to be:

 • co-analysed and stored in one system;
• managed through a common data management system;
• able to have bioinformatics analysis performed on these data via a common interface
• made accessible to biology researchers in Australia and internationally;
• published to international repositories

The project will leverage Australia’s large investment in e-research cloud infrastructure through RDS and NeCTAR to develop an accessible, scalable, flexible and highly capable data management, computational analysis and visualisation platform for life science researchers.

Phase I (2016) will deliver a platform capable of storing, combining and analysing bacterial multi-omics data generated from the Bioplatforms Australia Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens initiative.

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